thank you

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 2nd Annual Little Rock Pride Parade and stayed for CAP’s first-ever Pride Fest! You guys were great and we loved seeing each and every one of you. Be sure to post your pictures to our Facebook page. We want to see how much fun you had!

Little Rock Pride 2014 Grand Marshals

For this year’s parade, we wanted to honor all those involved in the fight to bring marriage equality to Arkansas! Come out and cheer for all of our grand marshals:

Attorney Cheryl Maples & daughter Melina Granger

Pulaski County Circuit Clerk Larry Crane



Pam and Rita Jernigan

Becca and Tara Austin



Randy and Gary Eddy-McCain

Kendall and Julia E. Wright

Rhonda L. Eddy and Treba L. Leath

Carol L. Owens and Ranee J. Harp

Natalie Wartick

Tommie J. Wartick

Kimberly M. Kidwell and Kathryn E. Short

James Boone and Wesley Givens

Kimberly M. Robinson and Felicity L. Robinson

Linda L. Meyers and Angela K. Shelby

Gregory A. Bruce and William D. Smith, Jr.

Monica J. Loyd and Jennifer L. Lochridge

Jennifer D. Moore and Mandy A. Lyles

(Keith Gober) Jonathan K. Gober and Mark R. Norwine

Andra Alsbury and Amber Gardner-Alsbury

Angela Spears Gullette and Livicie C. Gullette

Shannon Havens and Rachel Whittenburg

Cody Renegar and Thomas Staed

Katherine Henson and Angelia Buford

Christopher H. Horton and Michael E. Potts

John Schenck and Robert Loyd

William A. King and John McClay Rankine

Africa Navarro